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An Experienced Social Security Attorney In Lincoln, Nebraska

Social Security is not just for retired people. It's also for people unable to work for a year or more due to health issues. However, proving you're qualified can be difficult and the SSA DENIES almost 7 out of 10 initial applicants even though many are qualified.

A large share of denials could potentially be avoided or reversed with the help of an experienced disability attorney. Jamie Scholz has years of experience assisting clients of Miner Scholz & Associates PC LLO with appeals. She understands the multiple filing requirements and can explain the standards that each individual must meet to qualify for disability benefits and assist clients with developing evidence to prove their claim.

Even if you have previously been denied and did not file an appeal, you can still reapply. The Social Security Administration's statistics show that many qualified people represented by a disability advocate or attorney can get approved for benefits. Please contact Jamie Scholz for a free consultation.