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Lincoln Injury Case Mediation Lawyer

In many complex, disputed injury cases, the best way to reach a financial settlement acceptable to both sides is to enter mediation. When a skilled mediator directs the proceedings, a case that might otherwise go all the way to trial can often be resolved in a more timely, less stressful and less costly manner than it would in litigation.

A Knowledgeable, Balanced Mediator With Decades Of Experience

Attorney and mediator Jack A. Dike has been practicing in workers' compensation and personal injury law since 1985. His decades of experience include both representation of plaintiffs and defense work on behalf of insurance companies. This balanced background and Mr. Dike's mediation training may make him the ideal mediator for your dispute.

As a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation has many advantages. Both parties must enter mediation voluntarily and agree to attempt to resolve the case in good faith. A neutral mediator or panel of mediators can often draw out strengths and vulnerabilities in each side's argument. Also, the parties are not bound by court rules and procedures, freeing them to present their positions and address issues in a more relaxed way.

Do You Need An Omaha Area Workers' Compensation Mediation Attorney? Considering Mediation To Resolve A Complex Personal Injury Case?

We welcome inquiries about our Lincoln personal injury mediation attorney's services from parties involved in injury disputes, court officials and our peer attorneys throughout Nebraska. In addition, if you are seeking representation from a lawyer experienced in reaching work comp and injury settlements through mediation, arbitration and direct negotiations, our firm is a premier resource. For more information, call us at 855.421.4878 or contact us online now.